Greg Doney

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, tenor and concert ukulele, DJ. Greg Has played thousands of shows and styles from rock to pop to country and blues. He has a warm and full vocal range and a great sense of humour and loves being part of peoples wedding day

Alex Rottier

Lead and backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic steel string guitar, bass guitar , production sound design.This guy does everything!

Pete Mihailovic

Backing vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic steel string guitar.

Erin Sulman

Backing vocals and percussion.occasional kilt wearer.

Dyon Tahana

Lead vocals, backing vocals, saxophone, occasional rapper.Always in a good mood life of the party.

Gabor Josika

Lead vocals,backing vocals,electric guitar,acoustic guitar.collector of pedals.Tall guy with glasses.

Will Pascoe

Drums, percussion,acoustic guitar.

Rob Hornbuckle

Backing vocal,lead guitar,acoustic guitar,bass guitar,hammond organ and keys,lead ukulele, sound production.

Ben McNibb

Saxophone and backing vocals.